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Rocky has been adopted!

Sponsored by Andrea and Mark, in honour of sweet George


Meet Rocky, this beautiful golden retriever/poodle mix who is as sweet as they come. He is a shy guy, but full of love. At 2 1/2 years old, this young guy had a rough go with another dog, which has knocked down some of his confidence. As he gets more comfortable with his surroundings, his confidence is starting to grow little by little. He would do best in a home where he had another furry friend to help show him how to be a confident dog.

Rocky is house trained once he gets comfortable and confident enough to give the signal that he needs to go. When he arrived at his foster home, he was too nervous with all the new sights and sounds of the backyard to go out and do his business. After a few days, he started going further and further into the yard and no longer makes any messes in the home. He is now at the point where he goes out in the yard and runs around like a happy goofy pup that he is.

He is very cuddly, and wants to be wherever his humans are, however he is still very scared of little humans and would do best in a home where there aren’t any. With time he might get the confidence to interact with them, but at this time he is too frightened and goes into hiding when they are around.

Rocky doesn’t have any basic training, however he is such a gentle pup that he takes treats so nicely. His long poodle legs let him get his nose to the counter top, but he is such a good boy that he just takes a sniff and moves on. He is easily corrected and eager to please his people. It wouldn’t take a lot to train this smart boy.

His is good on a leash, however, he is still very skiddish with new situations that he clings to the human and is jumpy. This will take time and patience to work through with him.

Rocky is good to be left out alone when no one is home, he barks a bit at first, but then goes to his spot on the couch to wait. He gets along well with the other dogs in the home. Cats are unknown.

Rocky is still young and full of energy. When he starts getting more confident he would be a great hiking buddy. He needs a yard that he can run around in daily with his long horse like legs. Having another dog that can keep up with him would be great for him. He really is a sweetheart who just wants all the love and cuddles. He will be a very loyal companion!

Rocky was lovingly fostered by Renee