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Rocky has been adopted!

Sponsored by Bob and Ruth T. In memory of Kenneth N R.



Rocky (Rockstar,Rockman, Rockyman)

Just some of the names this amazing young pup goes by.

Rocky is all you could ask for in a dog. He is fully house trained, very smart and a very good listener. He knows sit, stay, lay down, come and leave it.

He would love a big yard that he could run and play in. Fenced would be good but he usually just sits at the back door waiting to be let back in.

He is pretty high energy at times and can play for hours. But also like to just lay beside you. He is great off leash around the house and doesn’t wander very far from you. He is also great on a long leash with a gentle leader.

Rocky would do best with around the clock attention. He gets super lonely when you leave him for extended periods of time so someone home most of the time or a dog daycare and a nice long walk every day would be great.

He loves going on car rides with his head out the window or taking a nap in the back seat.  He will also sit and wait for you in the car with no problems.

Rocky doesn’t usually bark unless he’s home alone and someone comes to the door. He loves meeting new people but his favourite is meeting new dogs that he can play with. He gets along with all sizes of dogs and is great with people and small kids, he just doesn’t realize how big he is sometimes.

We just recently found that his favourite activity is playing fetch in the water with a big stick. It seems like he could do it forever. Second would be a nice long walk on a trail with lots of trees and thing to smell.

Rocky is such a loyal dog and would love to spend all day beside you.



Rocky was lovingly fostered by Angie