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Rocco has been adopted!

Rocco is sponsored in honour of Grace Brodsky’s 95 Birthday -with love from her Canine Grandchildren 💕


It has taken a village to save the life of this little man and provide him with the loving future he so deserves.

In January, Rocco was found on the side of a Texas road – weak, thin and unable to walk. Because he is a young dog, the local shelter took a chance on him and provided emergent veterinary care. In fact, he was taken into the shelter organizer’s home where he gradually gained strength until well enough to make the long trip to Ontario.

U.S. records indicate he was neutered, fully vaccinated, treated for eye infections and received antibiotics for a parasitic infection, including preventatives for heartworm, fleas and ticks.

Believed to be a Maltese/Wire Fox Terrier mix, this puppy is so gentle and sweet, he is almost Zen. He is house trained but still has to learn how to signal when he “needs to go out”. He is not happy being crated and prefers to be near his people. He sleeps a full night in his bed on the floor beside his foster folks until wakened and shows no particular anxiety when left alone. Despite having low energy, he still enjoys daily walks and is starting to run in the yard which is remarkable given his sad start in life. His very favourite thing is to be outside and for a quiet dog, he is amazing at slipping out the door between someone’s legs.

Rocco’s gait was very wobbly when he first came to Save Me a month ago, but he has improved to the point that he can now negotiate stairs and will walk for up to 3 kms. His walking skills have greatly improved. He is not keen on busy traffic and prefers trails. When he wakens or is tired, you realize that Rocco has a deficit. Save Me’s vet believes that Rocco has sustained brain damage either from being hit by a car or more likely a meningitis infection as a result of parasites. These have been treated with antibiotics, both in the U.S. and here.

This brain impairment has also affected his breathing which is rapid and shallow but does not influence his abilities. At rest, Rocco sounds like he has the hiccups, making his teeth click. Although unnerving for an adopter, this will be his normal and will likely exist life-long.

Another element of his brain damage is tear production – only 5/10 percent in each eye. This will cause on-going infections if not artificially hydrated with drops x4 per day. Rocco will receive an anti-inflammatory and tear drop regime for 3 months after which re-evaluation will determine if he can be weaned off Cyclosporine. He will probably need tear therapy for the rest of his life.

Rocco is showing more interest in his food and even enjoying healthy treats lately. He displays no food protection/aggression. This pup loves to sniff out the chipmunks outside but is not yet interested in toys or playing fetch. Seldom vocal, he is very friendly with other dogs, cats and children. He travels well by car and is easy to bathe.

Good nutrition and love have seen this little guy’s personality flourish. He has a sense of humour and loves to run to his person as much as run away. His curly white coat will need daily combing to avoid mats and frequent grooming to make him look his best.

Rocco will need an enclosed outdoor space to explore. He will be best suited to a quiet family where he is doted on and well cared for. This lovely boy will make an amazing companion for his forever family.