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Rocco has been adopted!

Sponsored by Mike and Robin Tamburro at IG Wealth Newmarket – on behalf of our valued clients and in loving memory of sweet Max, who left his paw print forever on our hearts.


Rocco is an extremely exuberantly happy, playful and curious boy who wants to be with his human and be loved. He loves playing with toys and is very good at fetch. He loves dinner time and gets so excited he taps the floor like his playing drums! Rocco will make an awesome companion for the right person/family who will invest some time and training. Did I say he is extremely happy?

He is a Jack Russel mix with what seems to be a lot of Rat Terrier. Rocco is about 1 ½ yrs., weighs 22 lbs. and is in very good health. He is neutered and his shots are current. This sweetie entered the shelter as a stray, so we have no information on his background.

Rocco currently lives with his foster mom, three dogs and 2 cats. He loves human contact and tends to follow his foster mom everywhere. He gets along extremely well with the other dogs and is continuously ready to play tag and wrestle with them. At first, he was very unsure of the cats and would freeze and watch them very closely. Gradually he relaxed and let the cats come closer. Now they sleep beside him; however, when they jump and run away, he will chase them but it is obvious that the cats instigate it!

Rocco is fully housetrained, not to prone to barking in the house (unless someone knocks or goes by) and loves sleeping on the couch, cuddling and tummy rubs. He does exhibit some low-level anxiety but is able to calm himself. He is an extremely curious boy and this can get him into trouble. He is a chewer: toys, shoes, table legs – whatever is handy when the fancy hits. Distraction works and he loves his Nylabone.

Rocco will blossom in a home where his humans have the patience, firmness and kindness to teach him proper behaviors and time to invest in training. A fenced yard is a must, if living in a house, he is definitely a flight risk.

Such a happy little boy, always ready to please and play!

Rocco was lovingly fostered by Jackie