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River and Sky

River and Sky have been adopted!

River and Sky are sponsored by Ilona and Alex in honour of their teachers, Mr. Nelson and Jenny. Happy Holidays.



Meet River and Sky, two 10 week old golden retriever mix puppies! These pups along with 30 other dogs were transferred to rescue from a less than ideal living situation. Regardless of their past these two boys have proven themselves to be nothing but sweet, social & gentle puppies who love everyone they meet.

Although we will be looking for separate homes for each of the pups, we have opted to write one bio because the physical and personality similarities between these two pups is mind-blowing. In fact the only physical difference is that River has only two toes on his front left paw. Our vet believes this injury was from very early in his life but don’t worry, it doesn’t slow him down one bit! (watch the video below for proof)

Both River and Sky are VERY food motivated and as a result eat very quickly. There has been no possessiveness of food noted just an overwhelming exuberance for food. For this reason a slow feeding bowl would benefit them greatly.

River and Sky are coming along well with their house training. This will be something their future homes need to be committed to working on but given their willingness to please we imagine they both will be fully housetrained in no time.

Both River and Sky are great with other dogs and dog savvy children. They have not had the opportunity to meet a cat but given their love of everyone/everything, with slow introductions we have no doubt they would also do well in a home with a cat.

They are both doing well with their crate training and are currently crated together overnight and sleep soundly for 7 hours without making a peep!

Both dogs will be large in size when full grown, so a home with an understanding of larger dogs is a must. Given their breed mix they will also need coat maintenance and will shed so if retriever-confetti and grooming is not your thing, they will not be the right fit for your home.

Puppies are amazing and fun and oh so cute but please remember that a puppy is a commitment for their whole life. Training and socialization are a MUST as well as neutering. It is a huge commitment and not one to ever be taken lightly. Please only apply if your whole family is SURE that the responsibility of a puppy is manageable.

River and Sky were lovingly fostered by Courtney