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Ringo has been adopted!


Ringo is an adorable  7 lb  Maltese that was rescued from a Shelter in Miami.  You see one of our foster parents is in Florida for a while and he could not resit the urge to help some dogs in much needed help down there. Ringo was off course one of those dogs in most need. He is a senior and had a major ear and eye infection. He also needed a complete dental with extractions. He did not look very well in that cage  to tell you the truth as he most likely was in a lot of pain. Most people were passing by him saying  “He looks too old and too sick.” Well!  he simply could not leave him there where the possibilities of adoption were close to 0 and he was facing the risk of being put to sleep.  So this little boy mede it out!

Ringo went to the vet and was treated for his infections and had a dental with 11 extractions.  He was also heart-worm tested and vaccinated. He had a complete senior blood panel and everything came out excellent! After the check up the vet estimates Ringo is about 8-10 years old but normally this size and breed can live a very long life (15-18 years old) so Ringo is at  the prime of his life! Being a senior he might have a bit of arthritis as he walks stiffly sometimes. Good diet and a good joint supplement will help with that. He is also very hard of hearing and we believe it was because most likely his ear infection was neglected for a long time.

Ringo’s personalty is  starting to show more,  he even picked up a toy to play after several weeks in foster care. It looks like this boy didn’t know what a toy was for. He was picked up as a stray so that makes sense. Ringo’s face and personality will melt your heart and those who meet him. He is a quiet boy and will be okay living in a condo. He is also very good on a leash. House training is work in progress but he is getting so much better with time and we believe he will get there. In the meantime a belly band is everything he needs. He is good with other dogs (big and small) and cats.

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Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!