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Ricardo has been adopted!

Sponsored by Tracey in celebration of her step mother, Deb Hill’s birthday


Looking for a cute, cuddly and playful new family member?? well look no further because Ricky is the perfect pet for any family. He gets along well with everyone and all dogs. He’s super affectionate, loves to cuddle and kiss. He also loves to play with toys and slippers lol He’s currently learning how to go on walks and do his business outside, every day he gets better but he has moments where on the walk he will remember there’s a leash guiding him and will stop and not move, funny little stubborn guy. His foster mom will simply get down to his level and give him some encouraging words and he’s back up and following the pack. He is crated during the day where he hasn’t had any accidents, he will whine for  a little while in the crate but eventually settles down. He is still working on his house training so his adoptive family will need to continue to do this with him. Overall he is adorable and such a joy to have. He would be a wonderful addition to any family.

Ricardo (Ricky) was lovingly fostered by Paulina