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We would like to give you all a little more information about Rex, a total sweetheart who has been with Save Me Rescue since April! Can you believe it?

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To put it bluntly, Rex is an incredibly sweet senior boy with a terrible past. This poor little angel was very reluctantly surrendered to an extremely kind and courageous woman who contacted us when she stumbled upon the abhorrent conditions Rex was living in.It is important to note that we do encourage everyone to practice safety and caution when approaching someone about their neglected pets. It is a tricky situation wherein those who want to help are often faced with negative and sometimes harmful feedback. We do advise everyone who thinks an dog may be in danger to please contact a trained professional.

That being said, during a calm and constructive conversation, our rescue ally was able to convince Rex’s previous owner, a shady backyard breeder of the worst kind, to surrender him to her with all transfer of ownership paperwork in tow. Once she had rescued him from the only owners he had known for the last ten years, Rex was brought to Save Me Rescue foster care. This is when we learned of his appalling past. Rex had been living in filth for ten whole years. In addition to the poor living conditions, Rex had only been surrendered to us as, at his age; he was no longer capable of breeding. That’s right. Rex was essentially a puppy mill dog.

This loving, incredible little man had been used to breed hundreds of puppies over ten years, serving as the only male counterpart to many, many females. He lived in these awful conditions with his many partners and countless children through the birthing process, the weaning process, in faeces and other bodily fluids only to be torn away from his children when it was time for them to be sold, and for him to move onto his next mate. Despite the incredible hardship he’s been through, it is truly amazing to see how well Rex has recovered and transitioned into regular life! Having only lived with a senior couple and other dogs, we were very pleasantly surprised to see him interacting in an awesome way, with people of all ages. Rex is great with children and of course, other dogs.

Also, despite his age Rex is very energetic and loves playing with his plush toys! When he is not playing quietly, he is searching for someone to scratch his ears. No, seriously. If there is one way to Rex’s heart it’s through the ears. Having not much experience on a leash as he was confined to a small, dirty section of his old basement, we are delighted to say that Rex is  fantastic on walks! Is there nothing he can’t do? We truly cannot praise this boy enough for learning so much at such a late stage in his life.

It is not always the easiest process for an old dog to learn new tricks, but Rex is resilient and does not seem to have been very much affected by his old life. Though we do give credit where credit is due, and his foster mom has been just amazing with him – Rex is even learning basic commands. What a good boy! Rex has been getting along great with his canine and feline foster siblings. It’s been four months now, and they have all formed a great bond. He eats well and will only bark occasionally, when he wants a good old fashioned scratch. Rex sleeps in the kitchen at night and does not have any separation anxiety as he is used to being on his own, in terms of human interaction.

When Rex first joined our rescue, it was discovered that he had been storing some very large, painful bladder stones. We immediately booked him an operation to remove them and he was neutered. ​We wanted to shout it from the rooftops: No more pups for this guy! Due to the stones however, Rex now experiences a bit of urine leakage every once in a while and as such, requires pee pads in his sleeping quarters (also known as the kitchen) and a is currently wearing a belly band during the day.

That being said it is not unusual in most cases for there to be some incontinence after this type of surgery. We, alongside Rex’s vet are hopeful that there will be improvement over time, however there is a slight possibility that he may always have some degree of issues. The most important thing as always, is that Rex is not in pain any more. Since his surgery, Rex has been fed a specialty food as a recommendation from his veterinarian. It ​has been highly recommended that he ​maintain t​his speciality diet in the future to help him stay healthy. Aside from Rex being otherwise clear of any health issues, the next best part is ​​that this food is the equivalent in cost to any other high-quality food!

​After living through a decade of horrors, ​we feel Rex deserves the very best for the rest of his life! That’s why we have been unbearably saddened to hear from his foster mom that she has not had any inquiries from a family looking to adopt him. At this point in his life, Rex would be most suited to a home where he will have frequent access ​to the great ​out​doors​ and as an added bonus, Rex has told us that he would ​very much ​enjoy the company of other friendly ​household pets​ as he is used to having ​them around! He wouldn’t mind children, men or women. He is just an easy going, friendly kind of guy.

Rex has spent​ so many years of ​his previous life ​ not receiving ​the​ attention and care this remarkable boy deserves​. He, and all of us at Save Me Rescue are ready for him​ to have the best​ of what’s to come. If you would like to give Rex the life he’s always wanted, please let us know at

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