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Remie has been adopted!

Sponsored by the Landry’s, in loving memory of Bailey


Remie is the sweetest boy with the most wonderful, laid back personality. He is fully house trained, and knows all basic commands. He is excellent on a leash, and has no qualms going for multiple long walks a day! He even does a cute little twirl at the front door while waiting for his leash. He is gentle when interacting with other humans and dogs on his walks, always very well mannered and polite.

Remie is extremely tolerant, especially of the smaller doggies that love to play bite and jump around. He is playful as well with other dogs, but never in a pushy manner. Remie has not shown any issues with food aggression, with humans or other animals.

We can only assume that Remie spent a lot of his time having to hold his pee and poo breaks with his last home, as you actually have to coax him for quite some time (and a long walk) before he often will even relieve himself. He was a bit on the slim side when he arrived, but is filling in quite nicely.

He loves to play with his stuffy toys, tossing them up in the air and catch them – or playing fetch. But his most prized possession is his human. He will follow you around quietly, always interested in what you are up to. He LOVES to cuddle and be close. If you will let him lay fully on top of you, he will! Remie sleeps for a minimum of 8-10 hours a night uninterrupted, and has no interest in leaving his little spot at the end of your bed until absolutely necessary. For this reason, we do feel that Remie would be best suite for a home where someone is around most of the time. He just really loves his human, and has been heard whining when left unattended. The only time he is heard barking is when someone comes to the door. From a safety and protection standpoint, this is tolerated and he stops the minute you ask him to.

He will never say no to a car ride, and is very calm and relaxed hanging out in the back seat.

Remie is a tall boy, and has been known to sniff out the kitchen counter. We have been working on these manners and he has learned quickly this is not ok.

You really could not ask for a more well mannered and behaved middle aged doggie.

Remie was lovingly fostered by Katie R.