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Rebecca has been adopted!

Rebecca is sponsored by the Buckridan family to celebrate Ruthie’s first Gotcha Day


How can I describe the almost perfect dog….Rebecca is enjoying a very happy life in her foster home. We are just a brief stop in her journey but we are thrilled to spend some time getting to know this wonderful dog.

Rebecca is a friendly, happy, medium energy dog who loves to go on long walks. She loves any time outside, just enjoying soaking up the sunshine. She is completely house trained, but does not ask to go outside, simply waits until the door is opened. In just 24 hours she knew our property limits and is trusted to come when she is called. She has a healthy appetite and is not fussy at all. Rebecca is a smart little girl, know some tricks that she will gladly do for a small treat. She is good with other dogs (I have two) but can be dominant so she will need to be watched closely. She completely ignores our two cats, only a couple sniffs each one. She is a great sleeper, but is ready to start the day when everyone wakes up. She easily goes into a crate, but really does not like it. As soon as she is crated, she starts a little whining and a few barks but quickly settles. She has only been in a crate for an hour at a time when I have done an errand. She is not destructive whatsoever, just happily chews her treats. Rebecca travels well in a car, just curls up and falls asleep. She has been the perfect house guest, we have all enjoyed fostering her.

Rebecca will need a family that will help her perfect her manners around people and other dogs.

Rebecca was lovingly fostered by Brenda