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Raven has been adopted!


Sponsored by Judy V. in honour of her rescue puppy, Saku’s 15th birthday


This little cuddle buddy is Raven.   Raven is a two-month-old shepherd/husky/lab mix.  She is a playful, energetic, happy girl who loves going outside, rolling in the leaves and grass.  She is doing really well on her leash, going for walks and finding delight in everything she sees.  She loves to sit and people watch!  Raven would do really well with a family that is active and likes to spend time outdoors. She is easily entertained with chewy toys and balls, especially if they squeak.  She will gladly follow you around and keep you company.  When she isn’t playing she is happy to snuggle up beside you or in your arms.  She is currently in a home with her brother, children, dogs and cats, and gets along with everyone.  She is not shy with strangers and is happy to be on the receiving end of all of the cuddles.  She really would be the perfect family dog.  Since she is still a puppy her new family would need to continue working on her house training.  Right now she does not have many accidents and will let us know when she needs to go outside.  If she does have an accident in the house, she will use her pee pads.  She has no issues being in her crate, however she is still with her brother Ryder, so she may experience a little separation anxiety when she goes to a new home.   She is not a loud dog and only barks when she is playing with her brother.  She will whimper and go to the gate when she needs to go outside.  Raven is still a puppy so she does like to chew.  So far she is easily redirected with chew toys.  She is a clever puppy, learning quite quickly with her foster family and would be very easy to train.   She is eager to please people and would make a great best friend.

Raven was lovingly fostered by Lisa P