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Ralph has been adopted!

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Meet wonderful Ralph!

He is a beautiful 3 year old border collie and hound mix.  Ralph has just made the journey from Kentucky to find his forever home here in Canada.

This sweet soul has a lovely disposition, and is gentle and fun loving.  Ralph has met neighbourhood children, dogs and cats, and has be so friendly and well mannered.  He’s just a great well rounded guy that gets along with everyone.

And oh what a handsome chap.  Ralph’s shiny black and white coat has many unique markings, a little like a tuxedo.  His soft floppy ears and loving brown eyes also makes him quite the catch.

Ralph’s energy level is moderate and typical of his breed mix.  He likes to run through the yard circleling around.  Likely the collie “herding” instinct in him.
Now, the hound in him comes out when there’s a small animal to chase that intrigues him, or interesting smells he must check out.  His sniffer
can make him a little pokey on walks.  But whatever makes him happy.

Ralph would suit a guardian that enjoys hiking, walks and adventures.  A bonus for him would to have a yard (fenced in) to play and trot around in.

Toys he can take or leave.  He will play with them for a little while, but then looses interest and moves onto something else.  He much prefers the interaction of people and other dogs.  It’s possible he was never exposed to many toys and is just discovering them.

Ralph has had one accident in the house, other than that has be a very good boy doing his business outside.  Ralph is a little fussy going into his crate at first, but once settled he understands his foster mom is just going to work and will be back.  Ralph is not a loud barker, and has shown no signs of aggression.

Ralph has a dynamic personality.  He is intelligent, affectionate, quirky, and just a great dog.  This special guy is a gem!  He just wants to give love, and be loved.

Ralph was lovingly fostered by Nicole