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Ralph has been adopted!

Ralph is sponsored in loving memory of Lainey, with the hopes that he has as happy a new beginning as she did.



Ralph continues to be the sweetest boy you could ever hope to meet. He seems to have many of the personality characteristics common to a Great Pyrenees: gentle, affectionate, protective and strong willed.

He often barks while out in the yard – maybe to let everyone know that it’s his turf! He is quiet in the house.

He absolutely loves spending time outside and doesn’t like to come back in until he’s good and ready! When his foster mom calls him, he just looks at her as if to say “not yet” and wanders off again. He is not particularly food motivated which may make training a bit more of a challenge; however, his manners are wonderful in the house, on walks and when meeting people, dogs and cats!

Because Ralph is a giant breed, his new family will need to expect that he may develop some of the issues common to older dogs in the next few years. He may have some dental issues to be addressed in the future but at present, our vet feels that it is best to leave him with all his teeth! Documentation from our vet will be provided to Ralph’s forever family.


Ralph is an older gentleman than originally estimated. His time at the shelter was a bit hard on him. Before he can have a much needed dental procedure, he needs to gain some weight and get rid of 2 nasty ear infections.

Ralph loves spending time in the backyard at his foster home. He enjoys playing with his human foster sister and he has even coaxed his grumpy canine foster sister to play on occasion! He is also happy to wander around on his own exploring all the smells and is quite content to curl up in the snow and keep an eye on the squirrels. Ralph’s dream forever home would have a good sized fenced yard.


Ralph is a sweet tempered southern gentleman. He likes nothing better than to snuggle with his foster family – and anyone else who comes into the house!

He was rescued as a stray but is house trained. He doesn’t seem to know any basic commands. He walks quite nicely on a leash and seems to enjoy being outside but his favourite place is snoozing inside close to his people.

Ralph is a big boy! He is very gentle and incredibly loving but because of his size would be best in a home with older respectful children or teens or adults only. He has an incredibly thick double coat so his forever family will need to be willing to deal with shedding at certain times of the year and be committed to regular grooming.

Ralph is friendly with other dogs and gentle with the cats in his foster home. He seems to greet every living creature that he meets with a gentle sniff and a tail wag. So far he is a quiet boy, however, that may change as he settles in to a home. He is a great traveler but needs to be tethered or he will try to ride in your lap!

We are looking for a home with a fenced yard for Ralph. He is a large dog who loves to be outside and would not be suitable for an apartment.


Ralph was lovingly fostered by Tanya