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Tiny (Ragnar)

Tiny (Ragnar) has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of Leo, my first dog and always in my heart




Tiny (a.k.a Ragnar) is a gentle giant, with a loving and playful personality. His pictures don’t do him justice. With his black and tan colouring, the most inquisitive eyes brown eyes and his loving personality, he will steal your heart within minutes of meeting him.

Tiny was surrendered to us through no fault of his own. Unfortunately due to Covid impacts, his owner could no longer support him. You can tell he was well loved and cared for by his previous owner and just after a short time in our care, we see why it was so hard for his owner to give him up. He is a sweet teddy bear who deserves just as much if not more love than he gives.

Tiny (Ragnar) does have special health needs. He is diabetic and receives 2 insulin shots, 12 hrs. apart with a meal. His glucose curve test on March 7 2022 indicates his glucose is under control. He is so good in getting his shots. He just sits there while you pull up the neck scruff around his neck , inject into the skin pulled up only. No flinching no pulling away he just carries on. For anyone who thinks they could not give him a shot, his foster mom was one of you, but this boy makes it so easy it takes under 3 seconds. Giving the shot is easily taught and your vet can do this. He also receives eye drops twice daily, one in each eye to prevent uveitis. These eye drops will be long term.

It did take some time to get TR’s diabetes well- regulated and things rectified quite quickly after he was switched to human insulin. It is important that TR stays on this brand of insulin and the food/calorie count that was carefully worked out by his veterinarian. All of his health records will be made available to his adopter and new veterinarian.

Despite being diabetic, Tiny Ragnar is a normal dog who wants to be hugged, fed, cuddled, walked and played with. Please see his video:

This big boy is always so happy and ready to play, especially fetch. He likes to tease and hang on to the ball /squeaky toy but will let go. He is a sweet, gentle boy who loves affection. He is a big cuddle bug, always near his human. He loves to lay on the couch and does try to climb in their lap! He loves going on walks and racing around the yard. He absolutely enjoys meal times. He has learned to stay to his own food. Treats are given sparingly due to his diabetes. He has a low to medium energy level.

He gets along very well with other dogs and cats. He does have a tendency to resource guard toys (will give a warning growl). He loves to play with medium to large dogs but tends to ignore small dogs.

He is a low barker and only barks in the house if one of the other dogs bark or the doorbell rings and outside if he notices people walking close to the fence. He does stop when told to. He is house trained and crate trained

Tiny (Ragnar) knows the basic command of sit and come, which he mostly obeys. He would benefit from further training as he is known to counter surf (like we said he loves mealtime!). In addition to some further training, providing him regular exercise and mental stimulation will help keep him out of trouble and off the counters!

Tiny is a sweet boy and everyone who meets him, including our vets, comment on his great personality. He would make a great addition to the right home!