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Pumpkin has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of Scarlett’s 7th birthday.



OMG (Oh My Gourd), this brown eyed girl with the most expressive round eyes and her love of cuddles and hugs will have you addicted to her just like many are addicted to pumpkin spiced lattes! Be prepared for 24/7 hugs and kisses with this cutie! While she is very timid with new humans and dogs, once she gets to know you, she becomes more comfortable and will shower you with love.

Pumpkin is a medium to high energy girl that loves chasing balls and walks. Her foster family is working on leash training. Her family will need to continue this training. She is food motivated, which will make training easier. Pumpkin is crate trained.

Pumpkin’s ideal home is with an active couple with no other dogs. She has not been exposed to cats or children while in foster care so it is unknown how she would do with them. She would do well in a condo/apartment or detached home. She is currently being fostered in a condo and her foster family describes her as a light barker. She only barks when she hears other dogs bark within the condo building or when the food delivery person approaches the door. She is a bit anxious when she is left alone so her family will need to work on this with her and her ideal family is one where she is not left for long periods of time by herself.

The person/family that adopts this expressive and loving cuddle bug will be one lucky person/family.

Pumpkin was lovingly fostered by Raj