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Pumpernickel has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of Dory from Kenzie, Leigh and Ellie



Meet Pumpernickel. Pump is 2.5 years old and came from a puppy mill in Ohio. He is a doodle but I am not sure what he is mixed-poodle and Dachshund or Schnauzer? He doesn’t shed which is great!

Coming from a puppy mill, Pumpernickel has had to learn everything. He learns so fast!! That is the poodle in him. He is now able to climb and descend stairs, jump into the car and come to the tennis court with me and keep score! Seriously, Pumpernickel loves going for walks and comes to hang out at the tennis court while I am playing.

He does not have any concept of playing and is not food motivated yet. He is good with other dogs and also with cats (even the cat from hell he is living with that keeps trying to smack him).

Pumpernickel is timid around people who are trying to pet him. He loves me, his foster mother and tolerates everyone else. You can tell he wants to trust them but he has only been free for a few weeks so this is to be expected. We don’t know what the conditions were like for him for 2.5 years.

We are working on Pumpernickel’s separation anxiety and with time, love and work, this will resolve itself. Once he has a loving family, he will become comfortable.

Another relaxed dog in the family might make a good friend for Pumpernickel. Also, someone who likes to go on walks and snuggle with him.

Pumpernickel is housebroken, has lovely soft fur, soulful eyes and a personality that will blossom with the right family. He is fully vaccinated and vetted. When he was neutered he had a small umbilical hernia repaired.