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Princess has been adopted!

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Meet pretty Princess!

Princess is beautiful 2 year old terrier mix with a dynamic personality and fun loving spirit. She is adventurous and full of spunk.  She is a gentle and affectionate girl. Loves to give cuddles and soft kisses. She loves her little ears being scratched, and can’t get enough of belly rubs.
Grooming is quite low maintenance, as her smooth copper short coat does not shed. Bonus!

Princess enjoys running around in her fenced in yard and splashing around in the puppy pool. She is very much into her toys and loves to play fetch.  Princess still needs some leash training but is improving.  When she spots a squirrel or bunnies then it’s game on!  She will tug and want to chase.

Princess has been great with most dogs.  She would not do well with a small senior dog.  Princess would need a fur buddy to reciprocate to her playful spunk.  She sees cats and small dogs as “toys”.  Princess is amazing with children and would make a fantastic and loyal family pet.

Princess is so good in her crate.  She feels very secure in it and will even scoop up a toy and trot in her crate to play.  When her foster mom goes to work she does not fuss being in her crate.  She has been left for short periods of time with “run of the house” and has not been destructive.

Princess can get a little overwhelmed when meeting new people for the first time, especially in larger crowds.  A slow approach to new situations is key.  She can be a bit jealous and protective.  She will have to learn how to wait her turn, that there’s lots of affection and attention to go around.

This sweetie is looking for a family that will have patience with some training.  She is a good girl with so much potential and love to give.

Princess was lovingly fostered by Nicole