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Princess is adopted!

Princess / Female / Border Collie Mix / 1 year old / 27 pounds / Adoption Fee is $400.00

Princess’s pull fee was sponsored by Lisa M. 

Princess has been in her foster home for just a week and has been a very delightful, quick to learn border collie black lab. She seems to be showing the best of both breeds. Gentle from her lab genes and very bright, high energy puppy from the border collie. She is one year old.

She arrived needing some time to get over her fear of the world, and has proven successful with appropriate handling.

Her foster mom really wants her to find a home that desires to tap in to all her potential and is willing to go to obedience school with her. She is still young enough to be someone’s best friend and will be a very loyal companion. She needs a family who enjoys outdoor exercise daily. Although she is well mannered in the house, without proper commitment to outdoor work, she may resort to undesirable indoor behaviours. Border collies are working dogs.

She was introduced to children and was gentle, rolling on her back so they could give a belly rub. She is great with cats and is very considerate to the blind senior dog in the home. Waiting and trying to lead her around in the back yard. She is very sensitive to those around her.

Ideally her training would have started months ago, but her bright and wanting to please personality will prove that this is one very special dog. A very hard one for her foster mom to let go of. Mom is committed to placing her in the very best home available. One that understands the breed and will be devoted to her.

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