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Pretty Girl

Pretty Girl has been adopted!

**Sponsored by Marla in memory of Saku, love Beemer and Bentley


Well….Pretty Girl just arrived on Saturday and is a special little timid girl…  She’s being cautious with going into new spaces, coming into the house…and appears to always be making sure that what she is doing is OK !   The only time I heard her bark was when she saw a squirrel very close to the patio door…and I’m sure she would have loved to chase her…, since she has tried a few times while on a leash !  She also tried to have fun chasing a robin !   At 21.5 lbs, Pretty Girl is tall and slim…not your typical shortish stocky beagle.  She loves to eat and is very gentle while taking a treat.  She is courteous around the other dogs here and I’m sure would play if one of them would join her !  And she loves being close to me.
I will post more as I get to know her…..just give me a week and I’m sure we will see a more content dog who only want to be close and be loved….she deserves no less.     If you feel you cannot wait, please understand that I am getting to know her and so far she is not destructive in the house…. but , If you do fill in an app, please understand that it may be a few days before I get back in touch….as I get to know her better !

Update..Apr.4/19.  ..Getting to know Pretty Girl a little better…she is such a sweet girl who so wants to please..  She picks up things Sit and No…..  She came knowing nothing..and is learning that she can start to trust humans and she is welcome to come in the house when  the other dogs do  !   She is starting to play with toys…and seems to hoard them in one bed..but will share if another wants a toy too !   I am wanting to put a few pounds on her, since at present you can see her ribs….so it’s wonderful that she loves to eat !
Pretty Girl does like to chase squirrels and birds.., so she needs a secure yard  cause she tries to bolt when she sees the chance!  And since Beagles will follow their noses.., she might well keep on going if not in a fenced and secure area.
I am convinced that Pretty Girl is part Brittany Spaniel…she is tall and lean and runs like a deer….and has the very gentle personality of that breed, well as the Beagle breed.  When she gets excited, she jumps up , so I would not adopt her to a home with toddlers..she certainly would not try to know them over, but I think she might in her excitement.   So much to learn and she is doing very well with the house training !


Pretty Girl was lovingly fostered by Janet