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Preston came to his foster home as a calm, quiet little guy .Preston had very specialized surgery for a back issue and he has recovered beautiful. However, he does needs a home without too many stairs, or with someone who can carry him. He should not play games like tug. Preston sleeps in his bed thru the night with no issues. He eats beside his foster brothers and sisters. Preston needs to go to a home with no small children. He is good in a car and likes walking short distances using a harness, never a collar. Preston‘s foster parents have noticed that he may be a little bit hard of hearing, they’re not quite sure if it’s selective hearing or if he is actually going deaf! Preston has diabetes insipidus and will be on an oral medication the rest of his life. Prior to his surgery, Preston was house trained, but during his recovery, he was allowed to use pee pads. His foster parents are working on getting him back to being house trained. Preston enjoys his naps during the day on a nice big fluffy bed ! Do you think you could provide Preston with a nice quiet and calm home ?? Preston had a thorough check up after coming into rescue and was in great need of a dental.

Preston recently had 7 teeth removed and he did great during the surgery, with no complications. Preston now finds car rides a little stressful, as lately, they always end off at the vet. I think over time, he will be comfortable in the car again. Preston needs to go to a home where he can get lots of attention. If he does not think he is getting enough attention, he will cry to get more. Preston now greets his foster parents and anyone else who comes to the door with a wagging tail and a few nudges to be pet. Preston needs a quiet, calm home to live out his retirement years.

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