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Precious has been adopted!

Sponsored by Frankie Silva Pierre (Save Me alumni), in celebration of his mom and dad’s wedding.


I know, I know… you hear the name Precious and you probably imagine a little white fluff ball of a dog. Well, clearly that’s not me!

I am 10 months old and am looking for a great home. I don’t have the happiest past, my previous owners didn’t feed me or give me water so I was taken away from them. Despite my rocky beginning, I am a very happy puppy. Yup, despite my size (a very skinny 30 pounds) I am probably still growing and I have a lot of energy. My foster mom says she thinks I’m a sweetie because I have never growled or shown any aggression towards her or anyone in my foster family. I just want to be part of the action.

I love other animals, and I especially love jumping on my canine foster brother. My feline foster brother isn’t ready to play with me yet but I keep trying.

I am almost fully house-trained, I don’t like my crate and I am learning to walk nicely on a leash.

I don’t think I’d be great in a house with little kids as I still like to jump on people when I get excited. I won’t intentionally hurt anyone, but my exuberance might be too much for a child.

My foster mom thinks I am scared of men and might need some time and patience to learn to trust the human males I meet.