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Poppy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Rob & Carla, in honour of their beautiful Sadie


Poppy was found as a stray after being attacked by another dog. Although she suffered multiple puncture wounds and was severely injured, she somehow remains the most positive and sweet dog you could ever meet.

She loves to play with toys alone or with her people. She’s good in cars, usually settling and falling asleep. She loves her walks but she still needs some work on a leash. Short walks are best for Poppy, as is still working to strengthen her back end and long hikes will over do it. She doesn’t respond well when off leash, but she’s very food motivated so can likely be trained to be better around dogs, on leash and off leash. She’s usually pretty quiet unless she sees a dog she doesn’t know (she’s still quite scared of big dogs, understandably, due to her history). She settles in her crate as long a she has a snack to focus on.

She’s lived in a condo and house so she’d be ok in either, but she barks on occasion, usually at her reflection!

Poppy has been in rehab while she healed from her injuries and was treated for two tick borne viruses. She also appears to have an old injury to her back end which effects her mobility, and will continue to need hydratherapy sessions for this and likely pain medication when older.

Poppy would do best in a home where she is the only pet and without young children.

Her favourite thing in the world is cuddling and she’ll take every opportunity, whether it’s on the couch, in the car, in bed or anywhere else. People usually fall instantly in love with her sweet nature, big brown eyes and cuddles.

Poppy is ready for adoption as long as her new home can continue her therapy. Her mobility is good but she needs to strengthen her back end. The therapy will likely be ongoing throughout her life.

Poppy was lovingly fostered by Courtney and Lesley