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Save Me Rescue remembers Popeye.



Popeye was surrendered to the shelter at 12 years old. He was a sweet old man who was deaf ad blind in one eye, but that did not stop him from being absolutely wonderful.  Shelter volunteers did everything in their power to get him out of the shelter as quickly as possible, and contacted us to rescue him. Sadly, before he could be transported to us, he came down with a respiratory infection. Due to his senior age and being a flat faced breed, this quickly advanced. Despite receiving the best possible care, the vet was not able to save him and he passed away on Saturday.

We try very hard to never judge people for surrendering their dogs to shelters, cases like this make that very hard. Popeye deserved to spend his final years in a home where he was loved and surrounded by his family (even more so in his final days).

Popeye, we are sorry we never got the chance to give you that but we promise you will never be forgotten.