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Poochie has been adopted.


After being surrendered to an Ohio shelter because he was “too much responsibility”, Poochie made his way to Save Me Rescue to find a home where he would be treated like a true member of the family, just as he should be!

Poochie is a very active, playful, young dog. A bit of a “wild child”,  he never seems to runs out of energy! He is friendly with other people and other dogs and would love to have a playmate in his new home. When he is not running around and exploring the house or yard, Poochie will curl up in your lap for a good cuddle. He’s generous with kisses, and is hoping for a new family who will just soak up all the love he has to offer. Currently, Poochie is not a huge fan of being left alone, but hopefully he will soon realize that he never again has to fear being abandoned by the people he loves.

Poochie needs an active family who will commit to the needs of this high energy dog. He is not shy or aggressive with children, but we are recommending a home with older children as he is very jumpy (and can jump very high) and may overwhelm small children. He would definitely benefit from obedience training, and a stable routine.

Poochie is not well suited to a home where  he would be left alone for an 8 hour work day all by himself; if this was the case, a dog walker would definitely be needed, or even better, a home where someone is around for most of the day. A backyard with a tall, secure fence would be best for Poochie.

Poochie has wiry hair that does not seem to bother those with moderate allergies, and is low shedding. Poochie is also housetrained.

If you are looking for a new friend to enjoy all of life’s adventures with, fill out an application on our website. For more information on Poochie, please email

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