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Pippy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby, Riley and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness.



Miss Pippy arrived into Canada on July 24, coming from a shelter in Kentucky. She is loves being a Canadian and has settled in quite well.

Pippy was a bit of a troubled soul, who is very unsure of new surroundings and men. I’m certain she is trying to protect me, but initially would lunge and bark aggressively at any man who would enter the room when I was beside her. When this behaviour was simply ignored she now shows very little of this and loves my two boys (age 16,17) and my husband,

Pippy loves all the attention she now gets, “pawing” when she does not want the petting or belly rubs to be over. She happily greets us at the door and will give only the tiniest gentle kiss, but only one. I suspect she has not been given affection so does not know how to return it. This too is improving at rapid speed, tail wags and little jumps were non-existent two weeks ago.

Pippy walks well on a leash, and is fairly good when meeting other dogs. Does a few barks and a little pulling. She is easily corrected and truly wants to please.

Pippy has been described as a “velcro-girl” because she does follow us (mostly me) from room to room, always wanting to be close to her humans. She sleeps well through the night on our bed…hates a crate or pen. She is completely house trained but does not ask to be let out. I have given her frequent trips outside and she holds until she is let out. She has become familiar with her new Canadian name, Pippy and has amazing recall. She is a master at catching treats…something everyone likes to show off so she receives lots of them, smart girl!

Pippy loves all food, but her favourite is chicken! She prefers wet canned food, but will eat kibble. She is a tad on the heavy side so I do try to exercise her twice a day with a good walk. She does love this and looks forward to having her harness on and heading outside.

Pippy arrived with “cherry eye” in both eyes. She had surgery August 13th to repair this on both eyes and they look amazing! Kingsdale (Dr. Brad) has done an incredible job on her eyes that now sparkle with happiness. She is another week of recovery before she continues to her forever home.

Pippy would love to have a female human all to herself! Is that you? This precious Pippy Pants will show you endless love and devotion!

Pippy was lovingly fostered by Brenda