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Pip has been adopted!

Pip has been sponsored by Jen R. and her amazing foster dog Letty.


Hi future family, it is me….Pip,
I know you have not met me yet but I love you so much all ready. Foster mom says sometimes when I am snoozing in my big dog bed my tail starts to wag really hard and I must be dreaming of you and all the fun we will have together. Not very big at just 14lbs but love people of all sizes. I like some dog friends too if they are calm, high energy dogs make me nervous sometimes. I do not like to talk about it much because it makes me sad, but when I came to the shelter I had been bit by another dog and needed the vet and all the nice humans at the shelter to help me feel better
. There is a cat in my foster home and even though I am my most gentle and kind to her, she does not like me very much. I think I would like a family that could take me on lots of adventures.. Foster mom takes me on lots of adventures to the park, the lake and the pet store, I love to go for walks because of all the new friends I can meet. Lots of people smile at me because of my friendly personality, unique look and crazy long waggy tail,, this makes me feel really good. After our adventures I like to cuddle on the couch or in my nice big dog bed and relax. It is important that I get to sit on the couch in my new home because I will want to be nice and close to you.
Even though I am still a puppy, I have had no accidents in my foster home and do not chew on anything that I should not. Sometimes I sit when foster mom gives me a tasty treat….. but sometimes I forget. Foster mom thinks that I would like to go to school, meet some new friends and learn some things. Maybe we could go to school together!!!!! Foster mom also says that I am a really nice dog to walk because I do not pull too much and always stop when she does.
When foster mom goes to work, she leaves me in my crate for a long time with some chewies to keep me busy. She is very proud of me and happy to see me when she comes home from work and always reminds me about what a good boy I am. Sometimes she tells me that my future family will be very very lucky to have me because I am such a nice boy.
I hope to meet you soon
Your friend

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