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Pinky Lee

Pinky Lee has been adopted!

Pinky Lee has been sponsored by Susan M. in memory of her mom’s love for animals.



This happy go lucky guy is bound to steal your heart!

Pinky Lee is a content little guy who is pretty much always in a good mood. He loves life!

He’s a mature fellow who is quiet, house trained, seems to know the basics of interacting with his people and following direction. He enjoys his walks, loves to play fetch and won’t say no to an afternoon nap or a treat.

He does well in the car, but seems to find them a little scary, so that would be an area to work on if regular car rides were to be part of his future. Another area that could use some work is his waistline.. he could stand to loose a few pounds and would do best in a home that will not over do the treats and will encourage regular exercise to keep him in good healthy shape.

He behaves in the bath, but isn’t a fan of water otherwise. No swimming for this guy.

Pinky Lee currently sleeps crated at night (and is often a late riser) but does have free run of the house during the day, so either option works for him.

Pinky Lee was lovingly fostered by Stephanie H.