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Pinkie has been adopted!


Sponsored by Jacob and family in honour of Mojgan and her devotion to Jake


Meet Pinkie! A sweet & energetic little bundle of love. She loves humans – greeting each new person with an enthusiastic bark & a cuddle. Attention is what Pinkie seeks most and would do best in a home where she would be the centre of someone’s attention. She wholeheartedly enjoys adventure and would be best suited to a person who could bring her along on as many outings as possible. She enjoys car rides as well as walks but gets very excited and needs a little more training on the leash. She loves to snuggle her human as closely as possible and will follow her person from room to room. Her favourite places to cuddle are on the couch and in the bed so she will need to go to a home where she is free to lounge on the furniture.  Ideally she would be best suited to an active retiree who is looking for a loving companion.
Pinkie is curious and confident. She is a vocal dog and will announce the arrival of guests, neighbours, strange sounds and squirrels with enthusiasm. For this reason she would not be suitable for an apartment, condo or shared living situation. She enjoys the company of her foster siblings. She is incredibly energetic and agile and might do great with agility training. She is incredibly quick to trust and is the friendliest little dog you will ever meet. Pinkie seems to have, at one point, been trained to do some pretty adorable tricks (spins, sit pretty) but isn’t quick to remember her basic commands so she will need someone who is willing to work to re-train her. If you’re looking for a best friend Pinkie is your gal!


Pinkie was lovingly fostered by Rachel N