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Pickles has been adopted!

Sponsored by Michelle X, in loving memory of both her father and her sweet pup Tequila



Pickles is a sweet, energetic, young Chihuahua mix that found herself stray in the pound just before Christmas. We welcomed her to a Save Me foster home during a busy time of year but she has settled in well. She is affectionate with people and playful with other dogs. She loves to play with toys and is open to sharing her space and toys with visiting dogs. Pickles loves to cuddle; curl up on a lap and even be covered with a blanket for a cozy rest. Although she has youthful energy when playing and walking, she has mastered the couch potato vibe.

Pickles is a great house companion. She will play independently with her toys or lay in her bed but often follows you around the house with a toy, asking you to toss it for her to chase and take back to her bed or bring to you for another go. Given Pickles age, she can be a little mouthy in her play but is learning other ways to explore the world. Pickles is curious about her surroundings and looks for and listens to your guidance in what is hers and what is not; she was fast to understand which bed/toys were hers to enjoy and that permission was needed to jump up on a lap.

Pickles will bark at a visitor at the door but quickly adjusts to a friendly greeting. She has welcomed many different dogs into our home as visitors and is always open to play. She can be a bit energetic for some of the older dogs but listens when they tell her they don’t want to play. Pickles would do well with another dog of a similar energy level in her new home!

Pickles foster family have been working on house training her through a routine of potty breaks, walks and meals which have lead to no accidents in the house. It took a bit for Pickles to understand what was expected when taken outside…isn’t it just for play? But she has caught on when we go to the ‘pee spot’ in the yard.

Pickles loves her walks but is rather overwhelmed by all the activity around her. She will bark at any distant noise or movement but is happy to welcome any neighbour or dog along her side of the street to meet and greet. Pickles is surprised by the number of squirrels teasing her from the yards and trees…her foster family are exploring ways to help Pickles focus outside and are seeing improvements already.

Pickles currently sleeps at the end of her foster family’s bed and is crated when they leave the house for errands or outings to ensure she is safe. She will bark and whine when crated but settles quickly, we are continuing to work on crate training to improve her time while we are away.

Pickles is spayed, up to date on her vaccines and preventatives, and is an overall healthy little one. She is slightly underweight but with continued healthy diet and training treats she’ll be at an ideal weight in no time.

Pickles ideal home would have:
A single, couple or family that could have dog savvy children over the age of 12
A dog companion
A warm lap to curl upon on and energy to play and give gentle direction
Energy to take a 20 minute walk at least twice a day
Time to provide a structured routine of potty breaks, meals, play and walks
Desire and time to work with Pickles on outdoor focused behaviour during walks

Please note we have not cat tested Pickles yet but given her prey drive we suspect a cat free home would be best.