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Piccola has been adopted!

Sponsored by Cynthia in memory of Kallie


Welcome Piccola to Save Me Dog Rescue! Piccola meaning small in Italian describes her perfectly because she is a small bundle of love and joy.

Piccola’s current foster home includes 4 foster brothers and sisters of all sizes and temperaments and she does well coexisting with them and as long as they are not overbearingly in her face she does just fine with them. Sometimes her one foster brother isn’t always respectful of her space and she has no problem telling him what she thinks. Just like a typical chihuahua she is allllllll about her person which is her foster mom at the moment. She is weary of men but is very interested in her foster dad and will just need her future family to be patient if it includes a male figure. She can also be a little protective of her foster mom so will need a family to work on her confidence.

Meeting new people can be stressful for Piccola and until she is comfortable with you she will keep her space. When she first met her foster mom she wouldn’t even let her go near her however as soon as she took her home she was glued like velcro to her. She is extremely affectionate and loves to cuddle and sleep under the blankets with her foster mom and foster siblings. She is currently crate trained and house trained, She is low to medium energy but when her foster mom comes home from work is when she gets super excited and her energy comes out. She is quiet in the home and just wants to be around her person all the time. She loves treats and food and often will beg by standing on her two back legs and begging with her two front paws, its quite adorable.

She has not been cat tested but her foster mom thinks as long as a cat would not be in her space she would do just fine with it. She has not been tested with children and her foster mom thinks that only older children who would be patient with her and understand that she can be weary of people would be suitable.

This sweet and beautiful little girl is so deserving of a loving forever home and would make a wonderful companion.

Piccola was lovingly fostered by Paulina