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Phoebe has been adopted!

Glenn is sponsoring Phoebe in memory of her dog Eddy


 Meet Phoebe, or as her foster parents like to call her Mama. Phoebe is about 8 years old and has been through a lot.

Phoebe is a cuddler and loves to be around her people. Like most boxers, she whines when you leave and can experience some separation anxiety. She is not fully house-trained yet, but her humans are working on it and feel with time and dedication she will get the hang of it. She’s beginning to understand sit, and would probably benefit from obedience training to further assist with bonding and her drive to please. Phoebe doesn’t seem to have much training, and probably was not a house-pet. We are working with her manners, like leash-training, sitting, and staying.

She loves to play, she will pick up any toy. She loves to play tug-of-war. Her entire body wiggles with excitement when you come home or play with her. Phoebe is quiet and only seems to bark when she needs to go outside or come back in.

Phoebe does well with the other dogs in the home, but needs some assistance with boundaries with food. Due to her past, she often feels the need to eat too quickly and surf the other bowls. She is currently underweight, but she is on a special diet to assist with her weight gain. Phoebe has not been tested with children. Phoebe’s interest in cats has increased with time, and might do best in a home with dog savvy cats or no cats at all.

Phoebe has had surgery to remove a benign cyst from her shoulder. Due to the condition of her teeth and eyes our vet feels confident aging her at 7 or 8 years old. Before Phoebe came to us it also appeared that someone has cut off her left ear.

Anyone looking to adopt Phoebe must understand that she was likely used to over-breed. They must have patience and understanding and be willing to work with her. She is a wonderful dog and will likely flourish with the right family. All she needs is a little bit of love and gentleness.

Phoebe was lovingly fostered by Amber