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Phoebe has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of sweet little Letty.



Phoebe is a sweet and gentle beagle who was found wandering a grocery store parking lot in Tennessee. It is clear that although Phoebe was an unclaimed stray, she has been loved and cared for at some point in her life time. Phoebe has excellent house manners, she is housetrained, crate trained and quiet. She does not know much in the way of basic commands but is working on “sit” and would love to attend training classes with her new family. Phoebe’s personality will likely evolve over time and her family will have the pleasure of watching her come out of her shell when she realizes that she is finally in her forever home.

Phoebe’s two favourite things at this time include walks and relaxing in a cozy spot. She will ask to go out at every opportunity and enjoys sniffing, exploring and meeting new people ( her whole bum wiggles). Phoebe does enjoy chasing bunnies, squirrels and birds on her walks. When not walking Phoebe is just as happy to relax on a couch or favourite chair and goes out of her way to make her resting spot as comfy as possible by rearranging pillows and blankets and bringing some toys to occupy herself. She mirrors the energy of her foster mom and would make a good work from home companion.

Phoebe coexists well with her beagle foster brother and is good at sharing food, treats and attention, she is much more focused on foster mom though and is more of a people dog. She would be fine as an only pet or with another dog companion.

Her perfect day would start with a nice long walk where she encounters both human and dog friends, followed by a cuddle on the couch while her person watches tv or reads a book, throw some treats and another walk before bed in there and you would have a very happy Phoebe.

Phoebe is a very easy dog to be around, she is friendly, affectionate and well mannered. Her ideal family would enjoy going on walks and allow her up on furniture. Phoebe would fit into many different home settings and may be an excellent option for first time dog owners.

Phoebe was lovingly fostered by Alissa