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Phoebe has been adopted!

Sponsored by Paul and Carolyn, in loving memory of Mrs. Foster


Phoebe was surrendered to our rescue at three month old. She was underweight and frightened when she arrived. She was nervous of touch almost like she hadn’t been picked up before.

She has quickly come out of her shell and has began to explore her surroundings, discovery chew bones & small toys, and has developed a love for bouncing through the snow! She takes off running to chase after things in play, has learned to climb stairs, she knows no limits. She is curious and respectful with the other foster dogs in the home and take social cues from them very well.

Phoebe is less nervous of their foster mom each day. She loves the sound of her voice, and dances on her back legs with excitement when she talks to her. She will still approach cautiously and while she doesn’t “enjoy” being picked up, she’s getting better with it. She loves to curl up beside her foster parents on the couch and likes to be cuddled under a blanket.

She is just learning about house training, but is really getting the hang of it. She does her business if taken outside regularly, but she’s not sure how to tell you when she needs to go out. She’s a smart girl, so it shouldn’t take her long to get the idea. She will keep her crate clean over night, but can’t quite hold it for a full work day yet.

We are told the father is a small/mini border collie and the mom is a tiny terrier mix. We can’t say for sure her full grown size, but to guess:, we’d say she will not be more then 20 – 25 lbs. This is a guess based on her size at 3 months.

Phoebe can be vocal when she hears noises, though she settles when you correct her, she wouldn’t do well in an apartment. She has great playful active energy and will enjoy playing and exercise each day. She is new to leash walking and can be easily startled, with a little patience and encouragement, she will learn. She would do best in a home with a fenced yard where she can run and play.

Phoebe will make a wonderful companion for someone and will give endless love once she settles in to her forever home.


Phoebe was lovingly fostered by Colleen