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Petunia has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of Father’s Day for Bob Traves, Jeff Traves, Sid Traves, Alfie Stein, Bruce Jaeger, Ira Traves


Meet Petunia!

Petunia is a 7 week old lab/husky puppy who currently weighs 11lbs. She will most likely weigh around 55lbs-60lbs full grown.   She is the funniest of the gang, she loves to be cuddled but hates to be picked up at first, once she is in your arms, she doesn’t want to leave.  She loves to play and run and just be the happy go lucky puppy she is.  Her tail is constantly wagging.  Though she is the biggest of the girls, she is not the alpha nor is she beta; she is just that perfect mix of both.

Petunia loves her people; she definitely has the Labrador trait of being goofy and loving! Petunia is not leash trained, but happily follows the pack on walks.  Petunia is really good about doing her business outside or if inside will go on the pee pad.  Ivy loves people and is the little social butterfly.  Petunia and her litter mates sleep through the night thus far.  She is still a baby so her little teeth are still sharp so she would do best with children that are a bit older.

Petunia is currently located in Campbellville, Ontario.  Petunia has had her first set of puppy shots and has been dewormed twice, she will need to be dewormed one more time after she is adopted and more puppy shots.

Applications are being accepted for Petunia now; however she cannot leave his foster home until June 23rd.

Petunia was lovingly fostered by Odette & Susan