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Petunia has been adopted!

Sponsored by the Boyd family


This pretty lady is such a calm gentle soul. She’s very timid at first but with time has started showing her personality. She is quiet and likes a good snooze. True to her breed, she snores…a lot, but it’s just part of her charm.

Petunia’s snore may be big but her heart is bigger. She just wants to be with you and snuggle, she isn’t pushy about it, just quietly asks for ear scratches and snuggles.  She would be a great companion for a not very active  person. She has no issues with young children or other dogs being around her, in her face, touching her etc. but she would probably be just as happy being the only dog in a house to get all the love from her humans and left to snooze the day away. She tucks herself away into a cozy spot around her foster home, but with her snoring it’s easy enough to find her.

She does have hearing loss, and has been assessed by our vet. He confirms that she is indeed deaf, with only a smidge of hearing in her one ear. She doesn’t seem to know any basic commands and can be quite stubborn when she wants to be. She is mostly house trained, which seems to be hindered by her lack of enthusiasm to go up and down the stairs. She is very happy about getting treats and could probably be taught some hand signals for commands. She does use her crate as a safe, quiet, dark space to go and have a nap, but the door is never closed, even when the humans are out.

She really is a lovely little pup and would make anyone love her with one look into those big eyes!

Petunia was lovingly fostered by Renee NM