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Pete has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby, Riley and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness



Introducing Pete, a very sweet and loving Beagle from Tennessee.

Prior to coming to Canada, Pete had tested positive for heartworm. He has been successfully treated and is doing very well. However, he will need to remain on a heartworm preventative for a year. Save Me provides the first six months of heartworm prevention after finishing treatment and any remaining months will be given to Pete’s forever family. Heartworm preventative for the remaining part of the year will be the responsibility of Pete’s forever family.

Pete is a very loving boy who wants nothing more than to be with his people, snuggled up on the sofa watching TV, cuddling in bed or hanging outside. He is quite submissive and can be timid, so I think a family with children over 10 yrs old would be best for him. Smaller children who want him to play with them confuse him, as he just lays down, belly up for scratches. His ideal home is one where there is someone home the majority of the time as he will go in the crate but is not happy about it. We have not tested him alone in the house free roaming so cannot say how he would do. As for toys, he doesn’t seem to understand what toys are and he hasn’t quite understood play either. We have been told he is good with dogs and cats, though there is no cat or other dog in my home, so I cannot test that. There are birds and two rabbits and he has been introduced to them, while not charging in the room did bark and jump at the cages, seemingly most interested in the birds.

Pete likes to eat his food a little at a time, so if there is another dog in the home, it would be helpful if he could have his bowls separated from the other dog’s reach. Treats are either eaten immediately or buried in furniture, he will try to dig on the sofa, so finding a favourite treat, “Merricks soft chews’ “ as an example are eaten right away. The smell of human food is very appealing and he will stand up at counters and the table to try to reach, we are working on this. He has been in a crate at different times for short times when we are out, he will bark and cry when you leave but seems to settle eventually. So far the longest he has been in the crate for is about an hour. He does get excited when you arrive home and will bark and run around to let you know how happy he is to see you. If you are in an apartment or condo, please take this into consideration.

Pete loves going for walks, he can walk very well until he finds a scent or spots something he wants to see then he will pull. He has started to bark at the other dogs on and off while out for walks or if they are walking past our house. He walks best in a well fitted harness, I describe his energy level as low in the house, to medium outside. I do not recommend off leash as he is easily distracted and will definitely run after what has caught his attention. Tie outs work for him as well but attached to his collar as he will roll to get the harness off. Pete is a digger, and though he would love a fenced back yard he definitely should be supervised. He will put his head through spaced railings so he will need to be watched carefully for his safety; he has put his head in between the rails of the bannister and even “walk through” baby gate, getting his head stuck in the process so I have taken the gates down for his safety. Up to now he has not had any accidents but that is really because I get him out fairly regularly. He does get restless when he needs to get out but, as of now has not gone to the door to ask out.

Pete has had a bath and he definitely does not like water. For his small size, he tried very hard to get out of the tub, climbing over the edge, and climbing over me, neither worked but he did manage to have me nearly as wet as he was when all was said and done. He doesn’t seem to mind having his feet touched and I will attempt to trim his nails soon, as I don’t think he will be a problem. He also has no issue with having his eyes wiped with a tissue or his ear cleaned out with a moist wipe specifically made for dogs.

Pete was lovingly fostered by Debbie