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Perdita has been adopted!

Sponsored by Beata. Perdita, may your life get better with each passing day and best of luck in finding your forever home.


Meet Perdita! This sweet girl was found as a stray. She was brought to Animal Control, but her family never came to get her. When she first arrived in her foster home, it was obvious Perdita needed some extra TLC. She slept for the first few days in her new foster home. She also wasn’t feeling well, and was treated for a double ear infection and skin issues. She received treatment for her ear infections, but it came back again. The vet believes she is suffering from food allergies. Therefore, I’m currently trying her on different food to find out how to heal her ear pain and itching. She’s on another dose of ear medication, as well as a different medication to reduce the itching. She has grade 2-3 luxating patellas that are mild to moderate, and do not require intervention. The vet wasn’t concerned about it, but noted that her future family should be aware of the grade for each knee. This is common in small breed dogs. Nevertheless, it would be best for Perdita to keep a healthy weight and discourage her from walking on her hind legs.

Perdita LOVES sitting in front of the window to watch the world go by. She’s very quiet and doesn’t expect much. She loves to be outside and wander around in the yard. She is fully housetrained and sleeps in her dog bed peacefully all night. She likes other dogs and cats. Perdita is learning how to walk on a leash and is doing really well. She loves going for two walks a day and enjoys visiting the local dog park to socialize with doggy friends.

So far, Perdita has shown that she is very independent, but she still loves to lay at my feet or snuggle beside me on the couch She is a quiet and sweet little dog that is looking for someone to love her unconditionally. Perdita would LOVE a home with a fully fenced in back yard.

Perdita was loving fostered (and adopted!) by Natalie