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Save Me Rescue remembers Peppy




We received very sad news this morning about Peppy who we hope is now running free at the bridge. Rest well sweet Peppy – although we never got to meet you we held you in our hearts. We are very grateful to the rescue coordinator and staff at the shelter who tried their best for Peppy as they do for all the dogs in their care. We will let her heartfelt words speak themselves.

“Hi guys, Peppy came to us in HORRIBLE shape, 16 yrs old but I thought the worst of it was his ears and mouth. I was unfortunately wrong. Our vet just checked him out because his cough has gone from bad to worse over night and the meds we had him on are not working. He’s in complete heart failure, our vet couldn’t even hear his poor little heart this morning due to the fluids.. He was simply drowning in his own fluids and couldn’t breathe due to the coughing and choking. He recommended euthanasia and that it was time. I had to agree because I felt at this point he was suffering…
I’m so sorry and I truly appreciate the fact that you guys are so willing to help the seniors. I wanted him to pass in a home, even if it was only for a week, but his little body just couldn’t hold out. It was time, I held him and loved him and cried and cried and at least he was loved in the end.
Again, thank you and I’m so sorry for the sad news.”