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Pepper has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby, Riley and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness.



Pepper is a sweet girl who is shy at first, but is a little love bug. Still very much a puppy, but quick to learn, she’s going to make a great family member.

Pepper was hit by a car and suffered a fractured hip and possibly knee. This has healed and doesn’t cause her any discomfort, she plays and runs around with ease, but this can become arthritic in her senior years. Adding glucosamine to her diet as she ages would be beneficial.

She loves to play with other dogs, loves to jump around and is playfully vocal (she will yelp for the attention of other dogs or her people when she’s wanting their attention). Pepper is crate trained, she sleeps in one at night and settles well, but it is not her favourite place to be. She is mostly house trained, only the occasional accident, at this point. Frequent trips to the yard will continue her training in that area.

Pepper will want to be close at all times, very involved with what you’re doing especially if you’re moving around. Much like a herding dog, she’s close by to your feet and following along. She looks for direction and though she’s had no training so far, she will train well. She likes to please and loves encouragement.

She doesn’t enjoy being away from her people, so a big active family would be wonderful for her. Even more so if there is a family member often home at all times. She does not like being left alone and will cry and bark and paw at the door. Until she learns the routine of a family, it’s best for her to be crated when home alone. For this reason, she would not be suitable for an apartment or multitenant home.

She will need an active family, and would benefit from having another playful, well balanced, social dog in the house. She’s currently being fostered with another young pup her age and they play non-stop. She’s good with cats, though nosey and tries to play with the resident cat.

For as brave as Pepper is, she does get spooked sometimes and can submissive pee. It’s not often, but if you approach her too quickly to pet she can sometimes have a small accident. It’s getting better as she builds confidence and learns that there is no need to fear her people.

Pepper is a sweet girl who will benefit from a family with patience to teach her, and exercise her. She’s learning so much right now that we suspect her prior owners didn’t take the time to teach her very much. Which is a shame because she’s quick to learn, and happy to be praised for a job well done.

Pepper was lovingly fostered by Colleen