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Save Me Remembers Pepper

Sponsored by Kevin L. in honour of his beloved dogs Clifford and Buddy .



Pepper is a sweet senior lady who, despite her health, loves to follow her foster mom around and be close by. She is a very underweight and frail girl. We feel it is in her best interest if she stays in our palliative care program. Her foster mom is putting her heart and soul into helping Pepper eat, gain weight and get stronger.

After Pepper arrived into rescue she saw our vet who gave her a very thorough exam including extensive blood work and X-rays. Pepper has a spinal cord injury that has left her very weak in her back end and this injury also has affected her bladder which does not empty properly. Because of this she has chronic urinary tract infections and nephritis ( infection of the kidneys). She is now on strong antibiotics which are effective against the bacterium that showed in her culture. We are hoping to get this acute infection under control and then find a good plan to deal with the underlying chronic issue.
Given her age and over all frailty we are hoping that she will be able to fight the infection and get some weight on.


Pepper was lovingly fostered by Uyen.


Daisy was found as a stray and was taken to the shelter where she was very scared.