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Pepper has been adopted

Pepper’s pull was sponsored by Risa E. 

Well hello there!

You probably saw my age and said to yourself: “Jeez, he’s old!” Let me tell you something folks, age is only a number!

I love my long evening strolls around the neighbourhood. Rolling in the grass is so much fun and it gives me a good scratch. Every time my foster parents hook my leash on, I give them a lick of excitement and every time they hook it off, I give them another one to thank them for the great walk.

I enjoy exploring the house when you are not home or being next to you at bedtime. So please do not crate me. I also need company to be happy. I can only be left alone if I have a canine friend with me. Yes, gentlemen cry too, at times.

I am really into dancing. When it’s meal time, I will show you my favourite moves such as standing on my rear legs, stomping my front paws, running around the dance floor, and more!

I have 3 chihuahua foster siblings and I can proudly say I get along with all of them. I love everyone and everyone loves me. I often look up to my foster parents and just smile… and now that I have just had a dental, my teeth sparkle!

If you think you can give me a happy, furever retirement home, please send me a letter. I guess you could also drop my foster parents an email, but I don’t know much about technology, so they will have to pass along the message.



For more information on Pepper, please contact her foster parents Marilyne and Jason at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while