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Penny is adopted!

Penny / Female / Spayed / Golden Retreiver / 8-9 years old / 60 Lbs / Adoption fee: $300.00


One look at Miss Penny and you can see where her name came from. Her fur shines just like a beautiful new copper penny.

Penny is still new to life outside a barn. She has been used for breeding for the 9yrs she has been alive. We are so thankful that we have a chance to spoil her now and show her what it is like to be looked after instead of her looking after her pups. She is shy but so sweet and each day we see her trust in us grow. She is eating regularly now (but only when we shut the lights off and leave her alone with the food). She is getting used to walking on the hardwood and ceramic floors that initially terrified her. Because she is so submissive, Penny spends most of her time crouched down with her tail between her legs and she stays close to the walls or near tables that she can hide under. We have been taking her out for a few shorts walks every day so she can stretch her legs and try to build up her strength. She obviously has not been on a leash before so she goes between her feeling of wanting to flee but also wanting to stay close to us because of all the new and scary things she sees outside. It helps when we walk her with our large chocolate lab. He shows her what to do and she will actually walk with her body leaning on his.

She has had no accidents in the house! We go outside with her in the fenced area and stay with her until she eventually does her business.

Penny is just a wonderful girl. There is no aggression there at all. She wants to be friends with the other dogs and the cat and our family. She will require a home that is calm and loving and will be able to help build her confidence and trust in humans. Someday Penny’s personality will shine as bright as her copper coat.

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