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Penny has been adopted!

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Introducing the adorable Penny!

Penny is considered a terrier mix, but we prefer to think of her as a purebred doll, thanks to her eager-to-please personality and unrelenting curiosity. This sweet girl was tied-up, abandoned by the previous humans in her life, and is looking for a forever family that can commit to her for the rest of a long, loving life.

Penny is estimated to be 2 years old, but she is very much still a puppy at heart. She needs a family that understands how to firmly but kindly redirect her when she gets a little silly, which might involve finding a shoe in her mouth or getting the zoomies up the stairs. She is very responsive to a stern but steady “no”, and is a quick learner.

Penny is incredibly curious but definitely more hesitant around men than others. It is important to move slowly when working around her head, such as when putting on a collar or attaching her leash. If you are kind, gentle, and patient with her, she can learn to trust you very quickly. She is amazing with children, but will need a family where all members understand appropriate interaction with dogs.

Penny has done very well with her foster brother, and would likely thrive in a home with a confident dog that can be a companion and playmate while teaching her that many parts of the world are fun, not scary. She has done well with her feline foster brother, leaving him be.

This sweetheart does well on a leash, but can be a puller when rarin’ to go. She is working hard on her manners! She can run like a bunny, and would do best in a home with a fenced backyard where she can explore and also take bathroom breaks (she does not seem keen to go when on a leash, but she is house trained!). While having the typical energy of a young dog, with adequate exercise, Penny is very good at settling down in the house. In fact, she is a HUGE cuddler, and considers herself a literal lap dog. Truly, she just wants love.

Penny does well in the crate, deeming it her ‘safe zone’. She rides well in her crate in the car, and settles well in her crate (occasionally with some initial, short-lived whining), when you are leaving the house for a few hours. However, since she is such a cuddler, she does need a home where she will be accepted on the furniture, and will likely want to share the bed with you at night. Overall, Penny is a quiet girl and does not partake in much barking.

Surprisingly, you won’t fall in love with Penny for her expressive ears or her charming snaggle-toothed stare. You will fall in love with her innocent desire to simply love and be loved, something so pure in such a daunting world.