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Penny has been adopted!

Sponsored by the Nesbitt family in loving memory of our Zia Camilla and Lady, her beautiful Irish Setter.



Penny is a 60 lb., 2-year-old female Shepherd-Lab mix coming to us from an Ohio shelter. She is an owner surrender for financial reasons. She is brown and black brindled with white paws. She has the most amazing warm brown eyes. Penny is recently spayed and her rabies vaccination is current.
She is a sweet, gentle and happy girl who wants love and affection. Penny loves to play fetch and always brings it back for more. She is a bit interested in squeaky toys but would prefer to play fetch. Penny loves people and enjoys their attention. She is a bit is a bit timid in new situations, but with support from her human soon adjusts.

She gets along well with other dogs and cats but has a tendency to resource guard her human, whom she is never far from. Penny needs to be introduced to other dogs slowly, especially if the other dog has a tendency to be the alpha or is a medium to large dog.

She only barks in the house if she hears a noise, she is not familiar with. Outside in the yard if someone new comes by or another dog barks, like her foster pack, she will join in whole heartedly. Penny loves walks and has a medium to high energy level.

She is a big cuddle bug, always near her human. She loves to lay on the couch with her head in her human’s lap. She has no hesitation in asking for attention if you don’t notice her. She is starting to eat her full meals and just loves treats of all kinds. She is very respectful of the other dogs and does not attempt to take their food. Penny is fully house trained.

Penny understands and obeys the basic commands, even when it is clear she does not want to! When she is overwhelmed, she goes to her crate to chill out. She would definitely benefit from training classes and a firm but gentle hand to build her self-confidence.

Penny will definitely thrive in a calm, quiet environment where she is the only dog or the sibling is laid back. She has had a few stressful months and definitely needs TLC.

With patience, love and security Penny has the potential to be a very devoted companion.

Penny was lovingly fostered by Jackie