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Save Me Remembers Penni

Sponsored by Mike and Robin Tamburro at IG Wealth Newmarket – on behalf of our valued clients and in loving memory of sweet Max, who left his paw print on our hearts.


Penni’s histopatholgy report has come back with the news that we dreaded. Our sweet girl has an aggressive sarcoma and the prognosis is that she has approximately 6 months to live. It is hard for us to reconcile this news when we see her looking and feeling better every day as she is so much more comfortable and happy now. The bright spot in this is that Penni does not know she is sick. For as long as she is able to have a quality of life that is fair to her, we will do everything she needs to make sure that every day is one filled with love, comfort, and care. Penni will remain on her eye medication, which has really worked wonders, and on antibiotics to deal with the infection in her mouth from the years of neglect she endured. She is slowly regaining her appetite after her big surgery and her foster mom has been busy cooking things to tempt her with.

Under the watchful guidance of Dr. Kadri and the absolute devotion of her foster family our goal will be to put Penni’s needs first and make her remaining time the best it can be.

Penni will be a palliative dog and while we are so appreciative of the interest that has been shown in her it would not be fair to move her now that she is so happy and settled with her foster family. They love her like their own and she loves them.

If anyone would like to contribute to Penni’s ongoing care, we are a registered charity and issue tax receipts for donations of $20.00 and up. Donations via e-transfer can be sent to Please send an email as well with your full mailing address which is needed for the tax receipt. Donations are also accepted via PayPal.

All good thoughts for Penni are so appreciated, we know she has touched so many hearts and we wish we had better news to share.