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Penelope has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Kelly who came into my our lives 8 years ago and brought us so much joy. We love and miss you Kelly.



Meet Penelope! We think she could star as the main dog in a Disney movie. She has the most beautiful round and expressive eyes, long floppy ears, and eyelashes that would make any Disney Princess envious!

Penelope has many great qualities that would make her a great addition to the right home/family. Here are some ways we would describe sweet Penelope.

Cuddle Expert: she loves to cuddle and as an added bonus will give you hugs and kisses 24/7.
Food Connoisseur: she is food motivated for the right ingredients, she has good taste.
Smart Cookie: she is crate trained and knows commands such as “go” (to go into crate), “no”, and “let’s go” (for walks). She is working on leash training but with some more practice, we know she can master it!
Scent Finder: like many beagles, her nose is often to the ground and will follow her nose wherever it takes her.
Enjoyer of Siestas: while she loves her walks and is of medium energy level, she does enjoy her afternoon naps!
Squeak Lover: while Penelope has been pretty quiet so far in her foster home (not really barking but will wolf howl to sounds of sirens) she enjoys toys that make squeaky noises!
Penelope is the perfect dog, she is good with people, she is good with kids, she is good with other dogs, and will tire herself at the dog park!

Penelope’s ideal home is one that is calm and in a neighborhood with other dogs, where she can run around with her furry friends. Because she is medium energy, her family/person should like to moderate activities and enjoy walking. While a backyard is preferred, it is not needed as long as there is a grassy area close by.

Like any Disney character, there are some bumps along the road (like ending up in a shelter) in their story but we are confident Penelope will end up with her happily ever after now that she has joined Save Me and is ready to find her forever home. Are you her happily ever after? If so, please fill out an application today for this sweet girl.