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Peggy has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of Grace Brodsky’s birthday with love from Jonathan and Sarah


Peggy is a very shy and submissive young girl who has led a pretty sheltered life prior to coming into rescue. Peggy, four of her litter mates, her mom and dad, and another new litter of siblings, all lived in a hoarding home that the owners left almost a year ago. Thankfully the owner did go and feed them regularly, but that was all they did for them.

All of the dogs were taken into custody and as you can well imagine this was pretty traumatic for the dogs. Having never been outside of her home, she had never met people or been outside, Peggy was basically feral. Peggy and her siblings are very shutdown and very afraid of all the new changes in their lives.

Peggy has learning to accept the outdoors. During her first week in care, the backyard was overwhelming for her, but she has slowly adjusting. She now goes outside on command and  does her business outside.

She will lay with her foster parents on the couch, but it takes her a bit to relax and settle in. This is improving and she has enjoy human company. She loves to sleep up on the bed with her foster parents and has become quiet playful and relaxed in this space. She has her spot on the couch and if you sit close to it, she will put her head on you for petting.

Peggy has adjusted well to the yard and outside and is now going on short walks. She’s starting to enjoy this!

Peggy’s foster parents feel it is time for her to come out of rehab now. They are still working to overcome her fears and teach her confidence, but this also something that her new family will need to do as well. This will help her to bond with her family.

At this time, her ideal home will be a quiet one. While we believe she would be very gentle with children, at this point we know their movements would be very frightening to her. Her perfect home would be one with experience in dealing with shut down dogs or fearful dogs, to understand her limits and encourage her forward.

Peggy will need another dog in the home, this is a must. Preferably similar size or larger, playful as well as tolerant of playful energy (Peggy is still a puppy). It will be expected that Peggy will shadow the existing dog for the first few days as she learns to trust her new owners, so this is where a well balanced dog will be key. A well balanced dog will instill confidence in Peggy, and help calm her. Fearful or skittish dogs will tend to feed off each other and this will cause Peggy to regress in her progress, and will mostly cause issues with the existing dog. She will find comfort from a well balanced confident existing dog.

Peggy was lovingly fostered by Carey & John