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Peekaboo has been adopted!

Peekaboo was sponsored by Nancy P.

Peekaboo is a sweet boy who has come from an unfortunate situation. He doesn’t know what attention and cuddles are and he so desperately wants to be part of the family and have their full attention. He is still very nervous but he walks very well on his leash and does his bathroom business during walking or in the backyard. He picked up his house training really well!

He is really struggling with sharing her foster mom with the other dogs in the house, so now his foster mom has been taking him to work with her. Peekaboo really enjoys this as he gets her full attention and he’s a quiet little office mate. He snuggles in under the desk and naps the day away. He enjoys the break from the other dogs in the house, and though he’s happy to see the other dogs at the end of the day, we feel that Peekaboo would be happiest as the only pet. He would also do best in a home that he would not be left alone for long periods of time.

He loves to be near by to his people, now that he has found love he doesn’t want to be far from it. That also means he can be vocal when left alone, so he would not be suitable for an apartment or condo. He is however very quiet when you’re home with him, He would do well in a home with a few older kids to keep him busy because he has a tons of personality.

For more information on Peekaboo, please contact his foster mom Uyen at

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