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Pebbles has been adopted


Sponsored by Cheryl B., in loving memory of Bella


Pebbles (also know as precious right now due to her big eyes, soft ears and precious demeanor) is full of love life and play.

She loves to take her toys and run them from room to room. She has a soft bay when she is excited and wants to play. Pebbles gets along very well with other dogs and kids. She loves receiving hugs and takes her treats gently although still learning some manners. She Is good on a leash just bounces along smelling the roses so to speak. At night she goes to bed in her crate and during the day she will nap on a dog bed.

She would be the dog that goes for a walk or to the park and everyone wants to pet play or hug her especially if she gets a belly rub

Pebbles would make a great addition to a single home or a family.