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Peanut has been adopted! 

Sponsored in memory of Ollie



This is Peanut, a 2 year old, 10lb., male terrier mix. A lovely little pooch who is everything a family would want in a small dog. He is housetrained, quiet, affectionate, trusting with lots of energy.
Peanut has been in foster care for about 10 days and has demonstrated wonderful traits. He eats and sleeps well, likes to play with his rope and stuffy, is quite quiet unless disturbed by a strange unknown sound. Peanut loves to go on walks and go to the store…especially Pet Smart. He travels well in the car and enjoys looking out the window. He is currently residing with a midsize and very large dog and gets along well.

Peanut loves to jump up and relax on your lap and readily goes to anyone who will cuddle him. It is his favorite vantage point to peruse his world. When he is not playing, most of his day is spent sleeping and keeping an eye on his foster parent, following her around like a shadow. Peanut will benefit from staying on his own for brief periods of time to learn that his family always comes back to him.
Peanut will stay, come when called and knows to ‘GO’ when someone is eating. He would do well to have a session at puppy school to learn some of the basic commands.

This is a little pooch who will thrive with a family where someone is home most of the day, who is willing to take him along rather than leave him alone for long periods of time and who will incorporate him into most aspects of their lives.

Peanut was lovingly fostered by Sandi